Does your hotel need a Google+ page?

It is difficult to say yes or no to the question whether your hotel needs a Google+ page or not. The difficulty comes in when we think about the current activity on Google+. South Africans are not very focused on this social media platform, even though it offers quite a few benefits.

If you ask me, having a profile with your hotel’s basic information and posting once or twice per week might just do the trick for now. But that’s just me.



What are the benefits of having a Google+ page?

  • It increases your hotel’s search rankings and traffic on Google,
  • Therefore you will also have an increased web presence,
  • And a greater subject authority.
  • Google now devotes more energy to Google+ people and page suggestions than on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, so if you are on Google+, chances that you could be suggested in searches are better.
  • Google has made social media, specifically Google+, an integral part of every business’s SEO campaign. (SEO: Search Engine Optimization)
  • More customer engagement via the Google+ Local social features
  • Direct access to customers that you can connect with them on a more personal level, encourage feedback and ask for reviews.
  • Integration with Google Maps which allows customers to find more information like your hotel’s contact details, address, directions and hours of operation.

If you have a Google+ page, but you have neglected it because you were not sure how to use it, perhaps now is the time to at least update your profile and include the most important aspects into your profile, like:

  • Photos with descriptive captions that highlight your hotel / guesthouse / restaurant
  • A link to your website
  • Links to your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and your blog
  • Videos

Even though Facebook and Twitter are the current leaders in Social Media in South Africa, Google+ might soon be the platform with the most SEO value to add due to its standard integration with Google’s search results. It would be a good idea if you start learning more about this platform in the meantime – small steps at a time.

For workshops on the basics of social media, contact Travelling Mystery Guest on / 082 336 1562.


South Africans have become used to accepting bad customer service as good enough. It’s not. In fact, we should make a point of reporting bad customer service. Often employees in the position to offer customer service also tend to think that it is the norm to avoid any difficult situations. We have gotten so used to running away from our problems in life, ignoring conflict, that we are now not even able to address certain issues even though it is our responsibility.

So how do you start to “WOW” your customers?

  • Greet them with a friendly, welcoming smile
  • Look them in the eyes when greeting them
  • Introduce yourself to the customer
  • Do not ask them: “Can I help you?” Most of the time a customer would say that they are only browsing. Rather give them a few options and show them your specials.
  • Know your product or service and inform the customer on the details with passion
  • Go through the trouble to learn about other areas of expertise to be able to assist customers on that as well in the event of them needing more information.
  • Look for the opportunities to do the “extra something” that will make the customer go “WOW”. This will most probably make them want to return and who will they be requesting for assistance? YOU!

Customer service is not just about doing it well enough. Well enough is not good enough. You need to strive for excellence. The above is just the beginning of turning your customers into friends.

For more assistance in customer service, consulting and training for employees at your tourism or hospitality establishment, contact Travelling Mystery Guest on 079 110 5674 or send them an email at