Travelling Mystery Guest’s top blog posts

There are always a few blog posts that stand out from the rest and interestingly enough, these were ours until now:

1. Our very first post showing off our new business cards. (Keep in mind that our email address has changed since then…)

TMG’s Compass Inspired Business Cards

2. Some notes about LinkedIn:

Should I have a personal or company profile on LinkedIn?

3. Travelling Mystery Guest’s view on Google+:

Should my hotel have a Google+ page?

4. Some notes on how we can improve South Africa’s customer service:

How to improve SA’s customer service

TMG’s favourite SA hotel Pinterest pages

I wanted to see what guesthouses and hotels are up to on Pinterest. If you think your Pinterest page is also worth being on this blog post, please share the link with me in the comment section. 🙂

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Renate on Pinterest

Travelling Mystery Guest on Pinterest

One of the hotel Pinterest pages with the most boards, all relevant to the resort, is that of the Riviera on Vaal Hotel. The same goes for its sister company, Maccauvlei on VaalRiviera on Vaal on Pinterest

Riviera on Vaal on Pinterest


Maccauvlei on Vaal

Maccauvlei on Vaal



The Royal Portfolio‘s Pinterest page is very stylish and neat – a definite favourite even though it doesn’t have that many boards:Royal Portfolio on Pinterest

Royal Portfolio on Pinterest



The Protea Hotels also have quite a few impressive boards on their Pinterest page, even though they only have a few followers:Protea Hotels on Pinterest

Protea Hotels on Pinterest


Three Cities Exceptional Hotels also have quite an impressive Pinterest Page (partially due to the amount of hotels in the group, I suppose, but very well planned):Three Cities on Pinterest

Three Cities on Pinterest



It might be that they don’t engage on Pinterest, but Sabi Sabi is definitely on the right platform to promote their wildlife adventures and experiences:Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve on Pinterest

Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve on Pinterest



Londolozi‘s pins indicate great opportunities for educational and interactive tourism:Londolozi on Pinterest

Londolozi on Pinterest



The Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel‘s Pinterest page does not have that many pins or followers, but the impressive decor pins make up for it:Daddy Long Legs on Pinterest

Daddy Long Legs on Pinterest


Kievitskroon‘s Pinterest page manages to encapsulate their brand identity with regards to healthy living, even though they only have 60 odd pins:Kievitskroon on Pinterest

Kievitskroon on Pinterest



You will definitely know what Grande Provence has to offer when you visit their Pinterest page- from great cuisine to wedding possibilities:Grande Provence on Pinterest

Grande Provence on Pinterest

Meet the owner

It’s always good to know who you are working with…so here I am. 🙂 Hi, my name is Renate and I love hospitality and tourism.

Renate de Villiers

Renate de Villiers

Former teacher, guesthouse owner, tourism and hospitality lecturer and hotel PR and marketing campaign manager, I am completely in love with the hospitality and tourism industry. I love how everything comes back to one thing: helping others. Problem is – you are all so busy helping guests and keeping them happy that there’s no time to train staff. And THAT’s where I come in. I help you to keep your staff in the game with great, customized workshops on customer service, social media and more. I’ve had the dream of opening this company for over nine years and now it has happened at last! I can’t wait to meet all you lovely people. It’s gonna be a blast working with you.

What do I do in my “off-time”? Well, weekends are filled with excitement – visiting friends, going camping with my boyfriend, visiting friends, exploring Jozi and the rest of SA…visiting friends…you know- It’s a hard life!

I LOVE meeting new people, listening to their stories and taking on new challenges. I have trouble ignoring Pinterest, I take photos of everything and anything and I don’t judge restaurants, accommodation or food in my off-time. 🙂

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