Who is your target market on Facebook? (Part One)

You might know who your target market is for your hotel or guesthouse, but do you know which part of that market is on Facebook? Kids under the age of twelve will most probably not be there, nor will most of your pensioner customers. So who is your target market on Facebook?

Facebook fans

Facebook fans (Image from http://www.niposoftware.com)

You can get to know a large section of your target market via Facebook, as every person on Facebook shares a certain amount of information about themselves with the world on this platform.

What can you learn?

Psychographics (what your customer likes, what makes them tick, what are their biggest problems and their biggest desires, etc.) are just as important as the demographics (age, sex, location, etc.) You’re going to want to know which television programs they watch, which sports teams they support, etc. Why? Because this gives you an insight into what motivates your customers, which will help you to understand what will make them want to buy your service.

The process of getting to know your target market:

  1. Take time to explore the individual profiles of your Facebook fans. Look at their demographics, their likes, status updates, links to other social media profiles and websites.
  2. Look at your fan page’s insights. Here you will find group demographics of your fans, as well as the posts on your page that they find most interesting and which encourage the most engagement.
  3. Use the Facebook search tool to find entire groups of people who fit your target market, follow their conversations and when you see an opportunity, take part in their discussions.
  4. Use the Facebook Polls option to ask your friends and fans about what they prefer when it comes to your kind of service.
  5. Create a highly targeted ad that invites the right people to take a survey elsewhere online. (A good, free option to use is Survey Monkey or Pop Survey).
  6. Keep an eye on your mini news-feed (on the right hand side of your Facebook page) to see what other actions your Facebook fans are taking.

We’ll be looking at asking the right questions and growing your fan base on Facebook in the next post.

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