Prices for 2015

It’s exciting to say that 2015 is Travelling Mystery Guest’s second year of existence and we have been blessed with some great clients thus far. It is also a privilege to say that some of these clients have hired Travelling Mystery Guest on a long term basis, to evaluate their service standards monthly or quarterly.

Contact us today

Contact us today

Customer Journey Evaluations
(Similar to Mystery Guest Visits)
Restaurants R1500 (Including meals up to R500, excluding travel costs outside of Gauteng)
Guesthouses R2000 (Including accommodation and meals up to R750, excluding travel costs outside of Gauteng)
Hotels R2500 (Including accommodation and meals up to R1000, excluding travel costs outside of Gauteng)

Social Media Management
(Includes planning, scheduling and management of up to 4 social media platforms)
Monthly Planning & Scheduling R375.00 per hour (minimum 4 hours per month)

Training Sessions & Workshops
(We come to you)
Communicate with Customers R500.00 per person per half-day session (minimum 2 delegates)
The Hotel Wheel R500.00 per person per half-day session (minimum 2 delegates)
The Restaurant Wheel R500.00 per person per half-day session (minimum 2 delegates)
The Basics of Social Media R500.00 per person per half-day session (minimum 2 delegates)

If you are interested in getting to know more about what we do, feel free to contact Renate on 082 336 1562 /

What is a Restaurant Wheel?

After doing some research on the customer journey, I came across the hotel wheel a few months ago. From there I realized that any company has a wheel which indicates the customer’s journey from the first interaction right through to the follow ups and customers returning. Therefore, a restaurant should also have a wheel that indicates the customer’s journey.

Here is the restaurant wheel as Travelling Mystery Guest sees it:

Restaurant Wheel by TMG

Restaurant Wheel by TMG

  1. Internet researchCustomers choose restaurants on recommendation from friends on Facebook or Twitter, from websites like EatOut, Food24 and so forth and make final decisions from other platforms like TripAdvisor, Hello Peter and reviews on the restaurant’s pages like Facebook and Google+.
  2. Booking – From there the booking is made, and here the customer makes his / her first acquaintance with the restaurant. This means that even the person on telephone duty has a huge responsibility regarding customer experience.
  3. Directions – A part of the customer journey that is often neglected. Customers expect to find proper directions to the destination. This means that restaurants need to provide the destination’s address on all of their internet pages, and even better, be on Google Places / Google Maps in order for customers to find the destination without any trouble.
  4. Arrival Customers expect to be welcomed and that, especially when they have booked, the restaurant is prepared for their arrival.
  5. The visit – This section can be discussed in a whole lot of detail (consider joining Travelling Mystery Guest for an in depth workshop on the Restaurant Wheel). This is where waiters and the restaurant really need to impress, as it is now not only about the communication, but also about the taste, the atmosphere, the timing, the staff’s knowledge, the restaurant’s image and the overall customer experience.
  6. Departure – Many restaurants tend to neglect this part of the wheel, even though it is still important. Customers want to be invited back and they want the opportunity to say something about their If restaurants don’t ask, they probably wouldn’t know if guests had enjoyed the experience or not.
  7. Follow up – Not many restaurants do this, as they don’t always have the customers’ contact details (except if the customer has made a booking). Still, follow-ups are very important, even if it is done universally via social media. This also gives you the opportunity to learn more about current trends and expectations among your fans.

To book a Travelling Mystery Guest workshop on the Restaurant Wheel, contact Renate: / 082 336 1562.

What is a hotel wheel?

You know how we all studied in school – creating brain maps, rhymes and pictures to remember certain things? Well, the hotel wheel has a similar function in that it assists us to understand how all the different departments are interlinked within a hotel, guesthouse or restaurant setup. Obviously for a guesthouse and a restaurant the wheel won’t be that big, but for hotels it becomes quite intricate.

To show you what I mean, let’s have a look at a simple example:

A hotel wheel consists of the different departments within the organization, including the bookings department, front office, reception, guest relations, the restaurant, the swimming pool area, entertainment, housekeeping, security, guest relations, etc. When we imagine these departments working together to keep the wheel turning, we realize that many of these departments need others in between before they can actually do what customers expect from them. For instance: Reception can’t check guests in without security’s okay, nor can they check guests in if the bookings department has not done the booking. Housekeeping can’t be sure to provide guests with the perfect room setup if the bookings have not been completed properly.

A rough sketch of part of your hotel wheel might thus look similar to the example below:

Hotel Wheel

Hotel Wheel

Obviously no hotel’s wheel would look exactly the same, as no one runs their business the same way. Still, there are certain key areas with key departments that will always be included.

Would you like to create your own hotel wheel in a creative way, which you can use to teach your employees how the different departments interlink? Contact Travelling Mystery Guest today for an interactive workshop hosted at your establishment! Call Renate on 082 336 1562 or email her on

Workshops for April

In addition to TMG’s current customer service workshops and the four social media sessions to attend, we also offer the next couple of workshops in April:

Create your own hotel wheel

We get creative in April and create our own hotel wheels. This is the process that keeps a hotel going – from security checks at the gate, reception, porters, room and restaurant service, through to guest feedback and departure. This process becomes quite intricate when you spend some time thinking about it – it might even end up looking more like the inside of a watch with all the different departments interlinking with each other. This is a great exercise to do with staff that needs to understand the inside of your business.

Create your guesthouse / hotel / restaurant’s own customized customer journey map

While the hotel wheel mainly focuses on the different departments of your business and how they interlink with each other, the customer journey map focuses on the customer’s journey through these different departments. The customer journey map teaches you more about your customers, including different target markets and their expectations, as well as your establishment’s shortcomings and what you should focus on to exceed customer expectations.

(Don’t forget that Travelling Mystery Guest specializes in customized customer journey evaluations. Contact Renate for a quote on / 082 336 1562).

Identify problem areas within the hospitality and tourism industry in South Africa

No industry is without problem areas – the same with the hospitality and tourism industries of South Africa. We look at some problem areas that TMG has encountered and identified and brainstorm about it. This session is mainly to see where the industry is lacking and what keeps it from exceeding its customers’ expectations. Come with an open mind, a pen and paper and let’s get to it.

Identify solutions to the problem areas in our hospitality and tourism industry

This is a follow up session to the one above. During this session we will brainstorm and discuss different solutions to the problems we’ve identified. From small things within your own organization to bigger things within the industry – we cover it all.

Book your workshop with Travelling Mystery Guest today – we come to you! Contact Renate on 082 336 1562 or You can also follow her on Twitter (@TravellingMG and @RenateTravel) and Facebook: Travelling Mystery Guest. Also find TMG on LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

For more workshops, have a look at our list of workshops here: TMG Slideshare

Upcoming Travelling Mystery Workshops

TMG Workshops for April

TMG Workshops for April

With April slowly, but surely approaching, Renate is planning some really fun, interactive workshops for you and your staff. Here are the topics to look forward to in April:

1.       Creating your own hotel wheel

In this workshop you will learn how to identify the different touch points between hotel staff and guests. It is ideal for managers and lower level employees as you will be able to understand the complete customer journey and the different areas of interaction where you have an opportunity to engage and impress. Bring pencils, paper and creativity and let’s roll out the hotel wheel!

2.       Creating your own customer journey map

In addition to the hotel wheel, we also learn a bit more about the customer’s journey. We identify different target markets and their different touch points. We also identify areas which might need some attention within the customer’s journey, and some advantages and opportunities we might have missed in between. This is a great way to review your customer service delivery and current engagement with guests. The workshop will assist you to take a look at things from another angle – put your thinking caps on and let’s think outside the box for a while.

3.       What are the customer service issues in SA’s Hospitality Industry?

Take a look at the different challenges faced in South African hospitality with regards to customer service. Renate gives you an outline of Travelling Mystery Guest‘s observations and experiences, after which some interactive brainstorming and discussions will guide you to ideas and solutions to overcome some of the customer service challenges you face within your hotel, guesthouse or restaurant.

4.       How to increase customer service in South Africa

This is a follow up on the workshop above, looking at case studies and research done on the customer service challenges faced and considering possible solutions and the outcomes thereof. This workshop will also give you some tools to use with regards to staff management and training, as well as establishing a feeling of loyalty and trust among all staff members within your hotel, guesthouse or restaurant structure.

Remember that Travelling Mystery has made it easy for you by presenting these workshops at your establishment. For bookings, contact Renate on 082 336 1562 /