Whether you are a tourist or a traveller, you want your visit to a tourism establishment to be perfect. Still, many establishments struggle to meet their guests’ needs. That is why tourism and hospitality establishments in South Africa will be glad to hear that there is a new company that has just been launched to assist them in providing their guests with the best quality customer service.

Travelling Mystery Guest (Pty) Ltd has been registered as a company in October 2012 and offers tourist destinations a variety of services, including workshops and sending a mystery guest to establishments to assess their quality of service. TMG is not there to point out all the flaws, but rather to assist tourism establishments to identify their market advantages to be able to walk the talk. TMG visits establishments on an eight monthly basis to be able to experience different peak seasons’ customer journeys.

The mystery guest visits will include the intention location of an establishment’s brand promise from the website and other advertising media, a personal visit to the establishment and compiling a customized summary on quality of service and the overall customer journey experience at the establishment. Large companies are also welcome to contact TMG to hire a mystery guest to proof visit an establishment before having important clients or employees staying there.

The types of tourism establishments or facilities to whom Travelling Mystery Guest (Pty) Ltd provides this service include bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, boutique and independent hotels, wine farms, self catering apartments, safari lodges, farm accommodation, restaurants, coffee shops and tea gardens. Conference and wedding venues could also be reviewed as an addition to the establishment.

For more information or bookings contact Travelling Mystery Guest on enquire@travellingmystery.co.za or 082 336 1562.

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