Do It Yourself Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day celebrated each year to show appreciation to all mothers.

Have a picnic!

Instead of breakfast in bed, make this Mother’s Day extra special by arranging a DIY Mother’s Day picnic. If you have a mother in your life – whether it’s a friend, a partner, or your own mother – a picnic will surely be the way to make her feel appreciated.

Location, location

Choose a location to enjoy the picnic. Whether you drive to one of your mother’s favourite spots or set it up outside in the garden, show your love for all the mothers in your life with a family picnic.

Set the scene by placing a few beautiful blankets and add elegant pillows for the guests to relax on.  Part of the fun of a picnic is that you can throw picnic blankets almost anywhere to set the scene for a unique experience.

The Menu

Keep the menu simple enough to transport easily but make it interesting. Think finger food. Prepare food items that your mother loves most and that is easy to prepare in advance.

Finger foods to consider include small gourmet hamburgers, sandwiches topped with a variety of items such as roast pork, bacon, chicken, tomato, pickled cucumber and rocket. Small quiche bites, cheese and a selection of cold meats are also easy-to-eat items to be included. Keep a bottle of sparkling wine and juice cold in a cooler to serve as refreshing drinks.

Make use of mason jars to serve the salad in- these are easy to transport and gives a beautiful twist to the salad. Finish off with a delicious dessert such as beautiful cupcakes that can be made in advance.

Don’t forget the gift

For the cherry on the cake, spoil your mother a little more by blessing her with a gift. Consider these affordable items for this Mother’s Day:

Written by: Katrien Nel