Life’s a blessing at La Vie Lente

While indulging in a foam-leaf decorated cappuccino, my eyes take in purple Jacaranda splotches against a blue sky canvas and green tints and textures from herb filled pots seaming off the garden – Life is a blessing.

La Vie Lente Urban Farm reminds you of exactly that and of slowing down.

Cappuccino at La Vie Lente

Cappuccino at La Vie Lente

I imagine kids running up and down from under the Jacaranda trees covering the kiddies’ play area on a busy weekend while parents socialize over some of La Vie Lente’s carefully selected wines. For now, though, there’s stillness as if time decided to go into slow motion.

It’s about slow life here.

La Vie Lente has the ability to create calmness even while cooking up a storm. They compose music on plates with a variety of countrified dishes, including some of the latest dietary trends.
Farmhouse omelettes, blueberry flapjacks with pecan nuts and fig cream and breakfast platters with cheese, boiled eggs and freshly baked farm bread with preserves, quality butter and cold meats. These are a few of the items you will find on La Vie Lente’s breakfast menu and if you’re not careful, brilliant lunch dishes like grilled line fish with potato dauphinoise, smoked paprika prawns and vegetables, banting lunches and grilled rump tacos might just trick you into ordering something of everything!

Line fish at La Vie Lente

Line fish at La Vie Lente

“Life’s a blessing…” echoes the song in the background and I silently second it. This is a place you can slow down at. If you haven’t found your happy place yet, this should be it.

La Vie Lente is an urban, daytime farm bistro that also caters for special, intimate events. Contact them on 072 916 7801 / for more information.

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