The Whippet is going even Greener

Some great tips from The Whippet on environmental responsibility! Keep it up, guys. You’re a great example for anyone in the hospitality industry.

At the beginning of the year we made it our mission to become a cleaner and greener business, not only is this more sustainable for our own business but also for the country as a whole.

By using energy saving light bulbs we have cut our electricity consumption by nearly 56%, we are recycling all our used carton and paper based products and will now start doing the same with glass.

But what about 2015?

–  We are starting our own own herb and vegetable garden where we will we aim to become fully self sustainable

–  We are going to recycle all our used coffee into our own herb and vegetable garden

–  We aim to recycle more than 6,000 plastic milk bottles

–  We will aim to source only recycled wood for our new tables

So in 2015, you can expect a more greener, self sustainable Whippet.


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