Bless your guests this Christmas

As you will know, small acts of kindness often go a long way. You’ve also probably seen in our December newsletter (feel free to subscribe here), it is to my meaning that we need to focus on “humanizing” our customer service again. Here are a few ideas on how I think you could do exactly that this Festive Season:

Bless your guests

Bless your guests

• Give guests’ children the opportunity to help you make breakfast for their parents on Christmas morning. This will not only help you create bonds with customers, but you will also help them build on their family bonds.
• Serve cool drinks on the veranda on Christmas eve and invite guests to join you for sun-downers before they head out.
• Prepare a few individual picnic spots around your venue for guests to enjoy a family picnic for Christmas.
• Bless your guests with a small Christmas gift on their bed. I say small, because it’s really the idea that counts. Something like a packet of Christmas cookies, a sock filled with some midnight snacks, bake a few Christmas themed cupcakes and put it in their rooms upon turndown.

Gingerbread Cupcakes for Christmas

Gingerbread Cupcakes for Christmas

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• Buy a few vouchers from businesses around the area, i.e. a puppet show at the Saturday market around the corner, an ice-cream shop, a coffee shop, the aquarium, a book store, the hop-on-hop-off bus, etc. and leave this in your guests’ room for when they arrive. Put a note with it that says something like: “Merry Christmas from us all! We’d like to bless you with a few tastes from our town. Enjoy!”

The above ideas are only but a few examples of what you can do. Be creative and see how your guests come back for more human-to-human customer service next year.

The Whippet is going even Greener

Some great tips from The Whippet on environmental responsibility! Keep it up, guys. You’re a great example for anyone in the hospitality industry.

At the beginning of the year we made it our mission to become a cleaner and greener business, not only is this more sustainable for our own business but also for the country as a whole.

By using energy saving light bulbs we have cut our electricity consumption by nearly 56%, we are recycling all our used carton and paper based products and will now start doing the same with glass.

But what about 2015?

–  We are starting our own own herb and vegetable garden where we will we aim to become fully self sustainable

–  We are going to recycle all our used coffee into our own herb and vegetable garden

–  We aim to recycle more than 6,000 plastic milk bottles

–  We will aim to source only recycled wood for our new tables

So in 2015, you can expect a more greener, self sustainable Whippet.


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