Being pet-friendly has its challenges

Pet-friendly hotels and guesthouses have quite a number of regulations and policies that guests need to adhere to. It is also interesting to see how many guests travel with pets and how many of these guests expect top of the range service for their pets.

Pet-friendly hotels

Pet-friendly hotels (Image from:

Pet-friendly hotels (and those that are not) need to include certain regulations in their documentation in order to give customers a clear understanding of what is allowed and what not. Examples of these regulations can be found on One of the examples is that of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company and includes the following:

• Not all the group’s hotels are pet-friendly
• Some of the hotels only accept dogs
• Most hotels only accept pets between 10 and 30 pounds (about 4.5 – 15 kg)
• Usual charge is between $125 and $250, non refundable (between R1300 and R2700)
Pets are usually restricted to certain areas of the hotel
• Several hotels offer special pet packages, i.e. pet hikes, beds, treats and toys

Other interesting services hotels offer pets:
• Pet spa services
• Pet room service menus
• Doggie robes and towels
• Pet psychics
• Gourmet pet cakes
• Pet swimming pools
• Pet rain gear
• En-suite training sessions with award-winning behaviorists
• Pet tourist maps that indicate pet-friendly locations in the area

Is your establishment pet-friendly? Do you have your pet-regulations in place?

Travelling with pets is no joke, that’s for sure! Not to mention accommodating them.