Diesel and Crème

It’s not every day that you get to drink milkshake at 9am, let alone six Consol bottles of milkshake. But, sometimes you need to let your hair down a little, which is exactly what Diesel and Crème is about.

Diesel and Creme, Barrydale, Western Cape

Diesel and Creme, Barrydale, Western Cape

It was still early when we arrived. Heritage Day had the fires burning early – drums of different shapes and sizes were flashing their flames next to randomly packed half circles of seats. Here and there was a black board inviting guests to indulge in their specialty dishes and drinks and at the back stood trays stacked with Roosterkoek.

But we were there for the milkshakes, because I’ve heard from more than one person that this place makes the best milkshakes in South Africa. Lady in Red, Vintage Villain, Morning Glory, Cookie Shake, Honey Crunch and Very Berry are just a few of the innovative milkshakes to choose from. And we had them all!

Diesel and Creme Milkshakes

Diesel and Creme Milkshakes

The Lady in Red is a Red Velvet cake gone shake, with all the flavours you’d find in a slice of its prototype. If you have ever experienced the taste of a home baked, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate brownie, you must be well acquainted with guilty pleasures. This is exactly what the Vintage Villain accomplished. The Morning Glory definitely added to the magnificence of the morning and the nearby Tradouw Pass. It presented a bitter sweet taste that had me nostalgic for days. As if the Vintage Villain wasn’t enough of a guilty pleasure, we also had to try the Cookie Shake, which took me back to the Oreo advertisement that says: “Cookies are not good for dogs, but you can have some of my milk.” I wouldn’t want to share it either. With my father being a big fan of honeycomb, I had to taste the Honey Crunch milkshake. Every sip’s crunchy surprises made me wish I could share my shake with dad. The last Consol bottle, filled with sweet flavours and bursts of berries, definitely gave the original strawberry milkshake a reason to reassess.

Diesel and Crème in Barrydale (Route 62, just off the Tradouw Pass) is a vintage visit not to omit from your travels. Its décor and ambiance create a feeling of nostalgia and belonging. Random, vintage children’s toys, jukeboxes and rare bar signs catch your attention around every corner and when the barman cranks up the volume of A-ha’s Crying in the rain and passionately sings along, you remember what life is all about: Making the most of every moment.

The newly added Karoo Moon Motel is filled with unique furniture and flair, ideal for a night’s rest in one of the country’s most beautiful regions.

The entrance of the Karoo Moon Motel at Diesel and Creme

The entrance of the Karoo Moon Motel at Diesel and Creme

For more information on Diesel and Crème, visit their website on www.dieselandcreme.co.za

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