What is a hotel wheel?

You know how we all studied in school – creating brain maps, rhymes and pictures to remember certain things? Well, the hotel wheel has a similar function in that it assists us to understand how all the different departments are interlinked within a hotel, guesthouse or restaurant setup. Obviously for a guesthouse and a restaurant the wheel won’t be that big, but for hotels it becomes quite intricate.

To show you what I mean, let’s have a look at a simple example:

A hotel wheel consists of the different departments within the organization, including the bookings department, front office, reception, guest relations, the restaurant, the swimming pool area, entertainment, housekeeping, security, guest relations, etc. When we imagine these departments working together to keep the wheel turning, we realize that many of these departments need others in between before they can actually do what customers expect from them. For instance: Reception can’t check guests in without security’s okay, nor can they check guests in if the bookings department has not done the booking. Housekeeping can’t be sure to provide guests with the perfect room setup if the bookings have not been completed properly.

A rough sketch of part of your hotel wheel might thus look similar to the example below:

Hotel Wheel

Hotel Wheel

Obviously no hotel’s wheel would look exactly the same, as no one runs their business the same way. Still, there are certain key areas with key departments that will always be included.

Would you like to create your own hotel wheel in a creative way, which you can use to teach your employees how the different departments interlink? Contact Travelling Mystery Guest today for an interactive workshop hosted at your establishment! Call Renate on 082 336 1562 or email her on enquire@travellingmystery.co.za.