How much to spend on tourism marketing

Source: via Travelling Mystery Guest on Pinterest

Is how much to spend on tourism marketing not a question to which all of us would like a clear answer? This company says 20%. Other businesses state that they use a mere 2.5% to 3.5% of their revenue for marketing and sales. So what is the right way to go for marketing your tourism or hospitality establishment?

Well, this all depends on WHO YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE. Have you done the demographics? If not – you’d better take a step back.

Are your customers young people who enjoy the outdoors? Or are they focused and business orientated? Do they have children or are they the typical students who randomly decide to take a road trip to the South?

It’s not about how much to spend on marketing, but rather what you spend your marketing budget on. There’s no use in spending thousands on a billboard next to the N1 in Jo’burg if your target market are students who save money by driving seven people in a five seater and packing only one set of clothes for a week. Nor would there be any use in spending any money on new travel accessories for children (because, it’s so cute!) if your customers are young, single business men.

Your demographics, which include your customers’ ages, genders, income, geographical area, and so forth, will directly have an influence on your marketing budget and aims.

In today’s market, where we try to save as much as possible, the Web comes in handy quite often. Unfortunately, many companies see that as the easy way out and only market their product or service via e-mail. Remember: Not all your customers (depending on your target market) browse the internet all day. Even in one demographical segment there would be differences between people. No person is the same as the next. Being able to build a customer service relationship with each of your customers, you need to define each person’s personal customer needs and expectations and market your product or service accordingly.

Is your biggest target market young people? Find out what music they like, what radio stations they listen to, what books they read, what are their favorite hanging out places and what are their hobbies? Find a way into that market and pay that little extra to convince another customer to buy your service.

There’s no use in paying for marketing that doesn’t pay.

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